Press Releases
January 2014: Works Aggressively to Help Their 7 Million Members Cut Their Grocery Bill in Half
November 2013: Five Black Friday and Cyber Monday Tips from
November 2013: Get 100 Deals for the Holidays This Year and Create Gift Baskets at
November 2013: Thanksgiving Dinner This Year for Only $5 Per Person on
June 2013: Named as a "Top Online Deal Brand of the Year"
December 2012: Coupon Mom Takes the SNAP Challenge on "Katie"
December 2012:  Holiday Entertaining - Doing the Holidays In Style This Year While Saving
November 2012:  Surving and Saving on Black Friday
August 2012: Grocery prices are expected to rise due to summer drought of 2012
March 2011:  Grocery Prices are Rising, But Consumers Don't Have to Pay More
January 2011:  Coupon Mom Saves Families 75% on Their Grocery Bill
December 2010:  Coupon Mom's Top Holiday Shopping Tips
September 2010:  Coupon Use Continues to Rise and Consumers are Reaping the Benefits at

July 2010: Helps 2.5 Million Members Save

May 2010:  High Tech Ways to Save at the Supermarket
January 2010:  Save big in 2010 with Stephanie's New York Times Bestseller, The Coupon Mom's Guide to Cutting Your Grocery Bills In Half
September 2009: can Save a Family of Four over $6000 a Year
July 2009: Explodes as a Record $5 Million Dollars Worth of Coupons are Printed in One Month
May 2009:  Eating Healthy While Saving Money at the Grocery Store
December 2008: 2009 Forecast: Saving is "In" and the Coupon Mom Shows How to Save Over $6000 in the New Year
July 2008: The Coupon Mom Puts Her "Strategic Shopping" Strategy to the Test
May 2008: Saving on Groceries Can Really Impact Your Budget during Uncertain Economic Times; Coupon Mom Founder Offers Tips for Cutting Grocery Spending
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